How to Make People Like You

howtomakepeoplelikeyouHowdy, Guys. Do you know how to make people like you in 90 seconds or less ? If you don’t, let us read this book. C’mon, don’t be lazy to read the books. Old person always say this,”Book is a source of knowledge”. By the way, this is one of book created by Nicholas Boothman. This book is impressive because it teaches us about softskill. This is one of skill which very important in life. Without softskill, How to people knowing about you? Do you still depend on destiny? I hope your answer is NO. Why? If you want to people like you, do something and take many efforts. Do more talk less is one of best quote.

There are three points in this book. Learn to read body language, synchronize behaviour, and make  a meaningful connections. I think that the material in this book is very clear. This is help our life especially business, social, and personal.


Before we end of our discussion, let we watch this 🙂

Nicholas Boothman

How to Make People Like You


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