Can you escape – Adventure

Do you know the characteristic of adventure game? Today,  this article discusses one of the adventure game. This is an adventure game which developed by MobiGrow. It’s to test our escaping skills at different locations by solving the puzzles and using the objects around us to advance to the next location. This is a free adventure game. We can download it at playstore for android. In this game, there are eighteen of places and we locked by someone. Therefore, we must find a key for unlock the door and escape from there. This game has many difficulty.

The title of this game is Can You Escape but I think that it means we have to find the solution of our problems. This game can increase our intelligence, try to be patient and not panic when we are in problem. In life, we always panic when facing many problems and stress will come to ourselves. Some of people want to escape from the problem because they are in panic and the others will prepare for facing it. So, I think that we should get problem solving training for our softskill. I think it’s very important because this is for our personality and character building.

After all of you knew this game and its advantage, dare you face your problem in life? You must answer it by yourself. 😀 Before we end this discussion, I’ll show you about my walkthrough of adventure game. I almost stuck in the tenth place hahaha.


My walkthrough part 1 :

My walkthrough part 2 :


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