Do you know Guys about this game trailer? Have you played this game, Guys?

If you haven’t played it, Let me tell you about that. This is a mobile game by Gram Games. In my opinion, it has been booming after game 2048. You can read about 2048 review at here. 1010! looks like tetris but this gameplay is different  with tetris. Player can play it by offline and this game can connect to social media by online. Why do this game connect to social media? With this social media like facebook, you can see your friend’s score. This game leads us to reach the highest score so it makes you challenged to beat your friend’s score. This game also has many different themes too. Player can choose some theme as its UI(User Interface).  It also teaches us that we must be careful for do something and we must think before do something. Once you play this game, you must solve the puzzle which you create by yourself. This is the game’s rule.

For more detail, Let we watch about 1010! gameplay style which created by our author :


One thought on “1010!

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    Before I reblog about this post, let me give my opinion about it. 1010! is really impressive for me. I like to play it because it looks like a tetris however the gameplay is different with it. In life, we can train our intellect and how to solve many kind of problems. This game makes the gamer to determine a decision. Always think before do action is a quote which in accordance with this game. Finally, I want to say thank you to admin who has given permit to me for published this decent article and now I want to share it in my blog. 😀


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